Fingerprint Access Controller Model# PT-100

Finger Print Access Controller Model# PT-100


Working Standalone or Network
Identification Style Fingerprint/ID
Identification Speed <1 sec
FAR <0.01
FAR <0.0001
Fingerprint Capacity 3000 (Auto-learn)
Card Capacity 3000
Display 2.8TFT Color LCD
Language English/Spanish/Turkish/Arabic/Thai/French and so on
Communication WAN remote/RS485/TCP/IP/USB
Humidity 20%-60%
Temperature 0℃-45℃
Time Zone and Groups 8 time zones and 8 time groups, 5 combinations
Wiegand out Wiegand 26&34
Input Door sensor, exit button
Output Electric Lock
Alarm Defend, Unlock and Threaten
Voice Boom,Dual LED
Power Supply DC12V
Anti-passback In&out door
Two door interlock A&B Door
Size 86*86*30mm

Biometric Fingerprint Door Access Control System TCP/IP, RS485 Attendance Machine Electric RFID Card Reader Sensor
1.working as a time attendance machine to record the daily arriving leaving time by fingering.
2.Door access control-Unlocking combination Door can be open with combination of more than one personnel.
3.Door access control-Remote opening door remote opening door by attendance management software.
4. Door access control-Opening door by authentication within the time specified by users.
5. Supportfingerprint, password, ID card and MF card Support uploading and downloading records by inserting the USB-disk.

Products Features:
✦Multiple identification: fingerprint and card together.
✦500 Dip hidden fingerprint sensor for dry fingerprint and strong sunshine.
✦Wiegandin out to combine with access controller.
✦Standard TCP/IP, RS485, USB for communication with computer and server together.
✦Two door interlock function: A door open, B door close.
✦Lighted keypad for easier operation and using at night.
✦Free SDK and software is provided.

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